Corporate and Business Laws

A-Companies’ Formation

Our firm assists clients in founding all types of companies (joint stock companies, Limited liability companies, joint venture companies) pursuant to the laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or foreign jurisdictions. In this regard, we undertake the drafting of the companies’ constitutional documents (e.g. Memorandum and Articles of Association), follow up the incorporation formalities at the relevant ministries and departments and obtain the various licenses (i.e. CRs, industrial and service licenses), introduce our foreign clients to local partners and sponsors.

B-Mergers and Acquisitions

We assist our clients in acquiring shares or assets in existing Saudi companies through conducting thorough legal due diligences and drafting the relevant transactional documents (e.g. share and asset purchase agreements, disclosure letters etc…). We assist legal departments of local and foreign companies in indexing and structuring their digital legal files along the common key categories (e.g. corporate, employment, material contracts, intellectual property, real estate, insurance, litigation etc…) and help them identify a suitable provider of virtual data rooms to post these documents online and allow potential investors to review them in connection with an Initial Public Offering or a potential share or asset purchase transaction.

C-Corporate Governance

Our firm assists in drafting and reviewing companies’ corporate governance guidelines, codes of ethics, charters of the different committees of the board of directors (e.g. audit committee, corporate governance committee, nomination and compensation committee etc…) in accordance with international best practices and standards.

D-Corporate Legal Departments

Our firm assists in setting up corporate legal departments and defining the organization chart and structure of the legal department, its internal policies and procedures and workflow charts and processes.

E-Commercial Agencies, Distributorship and Franchise Agreements

Our firm assists its domestic clients in drafting and reviewing their commercial agency (including distribution and franchise) contracts and its foreign clients in selecting their local agents, distributors or franchisees, registering their distributorship and franchise agreements and providing legal opinions on all matters pertaining thereto.