The Firm

Mission Statement

The legal industry is undergoing a revolution that is driven by the global economic crisis and the rapid development of new technologies that are both shaping a new legal landscape.

Companies of all sizes and shapes (from small to mid-sized to Fortune 500), across all industries are confronted to the challenge of meeting increased legal demands and needs (especially, but not only, in terms of compliance with an ever increasing body of laws and regulations) with fewer human and financial resources (the so-called “more for less” challenge).

On the other hand, new technologies have radically changed the way in which lawyers work and interact with their clients. The capacity of computers to treat an ever increasing volume of data at an accelerated speed, and to automate some legal tasks, have meant that a significant amount of legal work has become standardized and therefore capable of being handled swifter and at far cheaper rates than before.

Other major changes in the legal landscape have involved the shifting of tasks traditionally undertaken by lawyers (such as, but not limited to, proof-reading and review of documents) to non- lawyers (a process often referred to as “de-lawyering”) and the transfer of tasks perceived as minor by large law firms, to smaller practices, often resulting in halving certain legal costs.

At The Edge™, we have resolutely embraced these changes, drawing on the extensive use of new technologies, the increased automation of standardized legal tasks and the use of non-legal personnel, to provide clients with high quality legal services at affordable prices.

While keeping our professional fees within reasonable limits, we have not compromised on the quality of the work, combining the local and international expertise of our multilingual lawyers to provide the same quality of work a client would expect from a magic circle law firm, at significantly discounted rates.

Finally, by offering easy to use legal templates (most commonly used by companies in their business dealings), we have enabled potential clients to use legal services as commodities, saving much of their precious time and financial resources.