Litigation & Arbitration Funding

We are currently working with the most active Third-Party Litigation Funder in the Middle East, in assisting clients pursue non-payment of debt owed to them and in their disputes more generally.

As you will be aware taking legal proceedings, whether it be Court cases or arbitration can be an expensive process.

The Third-Party Funder that we work with covers the costs of all expenses (lawyer’s fees, expert fees, arbitration or court costs) for a share of the proceeds. The funder’s return is only paid from any money that is recovered from the other side on a success.

We have seen contractors or sub-contractors who are owed money in construction, energy, aviation, infrastructure sectors benefit from funding.

Investors in shareholder disputes in the tech industry, banks or financial institutions who are owed money, distributors who have unpaid receivables etc. all benefit from Third Party Funding.